“Play as the jerk.”

Venice 2018.01.21, written by Kuna.

Last week I talked about the mood of the story in Pitch Black Serenade, this time I’d like to introduce the town where the game starts and the three main characters the player is going to interact with while there.

Expect a “nerdy, behind the scene” post.😎

The setting: Kujikawa.

I plan to cover this location with a map someday soon (maybe after the demo is out), for the moment let me introduce what kind of city it is.

First off, it’s a fictional place made up to serve PBS’s story needs. In Japanese its name 久時川 means “the river of the eternal time”; imaginary speaking, it’s located in the Gifu prefecture, about three hours from Tokyo.

Kujikawa is built on two levels: the lower one is generally called “Kujikawa City Centre” and looks like a Japanese modern suburban area. Shops, hospitals and facilities are all located there.

The upper level is up the hills. It’s where most of Kujikawa’s inhabitants live and half of them are landlowners, aka very rich people with important businesses.

All around the two levels it’s only mountains and woods, making Kujikawa a secluded place. 

For this reason people developed quite the narrow-minded mentality. It might seem a small detail, however this factor is very important not only to comprehend the characters you’re going to interact with, but also to choose how to move as the main character in such environment.

Kujikawa Arc’s three main characters.

So who are you going to meet in such far-off, mountain location?

In next paragraph I’m going to describe the three main characters’ psychology. What I’m about to write is a “behind the scene”, aka, the things we usually sense and deduce when reading a story here plainly explained.

As expected from a dev post, nah? 😎

Little story: I kind of wanted to create a sort of “Kujikawa fashion”. Therefore, characters who are native of Kujikawa might wear similar clothes.

The three main characters from the Kujikawa Arc are Kairi, Teru and Fujisa. I refer to them as “main” because they’re part of one of the three routes of the game. Moreover, one of the task the player will be asked to carry out is to manage the relationship among them. Let’s observe them one by one!

Kairi Nakajou.

He’s the main character, the one the player is going to “control”. Kairi left Tokyo a week later he lost his memories to move in Kujikawa. He’s from a rich family.

Which kind of person is our protagonist? Well… Let’s summarize his personality in a few bullets (not sure if he’s going to be liked afterwards 😅):

  • He’s a narcissist. He sees himself as the center of the universe and above everyone else. Kairi manages to achieve great results in practice too, therefore his exaggerate self-confidence kind of never wavers.
  • Additional effects of his narcissism: 1) He always feels entitled. 2) When something bad happens he refers to himself as the “victim” and it’s never his fault. 3) He’s manipulative.
  • He also feels envy whenever someone else achieves a remarkable result. Kairi is very able to mask this side of him. However, it can be easily spotted when he compliment someone: His latent envy prevents him to make compliments from the heart therefore he may sound fake.
  • He may appear emphatic but his empathy is not genuine, rather just another piece of his facade. Kairi is only lotta cunning and tries his best to comprehend others in order to anticipate them. Moreover, living in a town where everyone has the same fixed mindset makes things way easier for him. 

So… How does it feels? Happy to control such nice guy? 💑 😀

Teru Momiyama.

Teru grew up in Kujikawa and he’s a “commoner”. He lives in the Takenogata 竹野方 residential district and attends the law faculty together with Kairi and Fujisa. 

  • He’s honest, loyal, caring and emphatic.
  • His first approach is to believe in others. He can read people pretty well but he’s not interested in judging them good or bad. On the contrary, he’s extremely friendly with anyone.
  • And this makes him quite the naive type. He rarely left Kujikawa and doesn’t know much of the world. He never had his heart truly broken by another human being.
  • Being unaware of the evil in the world, he’s almost never scared. But lacks courage too.

Fujisa Komine.

Fujisa too grew up in Kujikawa and the outside world stays a mystery to her. She’s the only daughter and heir of the Komines, an old-established family that influences Kujikawa and part of the area around. She lives in Odo 桜道, the upper-class residential district, and she’s neighbor with Kairi.

  • If Teru can be labeled as “naive”, Fujisa is ten times more! Her family decided everything about her education and she never had any power over her own life. From her point of view, she feels like she lives inside a fairytales book.
  • But she has substance. She constantly wonders about the world and life issues.
  • Despite being shy she wants to communicate and to connect with others as much as she can. She believes that being hurt is part of the process and endures it.
  • Despite non controlling anything about her life, she gives her best in everything she does and enjoys to learn new things. She’s always happy for some reason.

Okay, I know. Kairi is a jerk among angels.
No, I can’t make you control anyone else. Play as the jerk. 😉

I’ll cover the relationship map among these three in some next post. I’m preparing a new gameplay trailer that depicts a scene from which you can deduce all the personality traits I described here as well as their relationship.

The Cafeteria Scene’s Early screenshots.

The new gameplay trailer I plan to publish is from a segment I call “the cafeteria scene”. 

It’s a very relaxed scene where the player is introduced to a new situation after a three-year time skip.Playing the full demo will obviously let the players compare the story before and after that. However, from the trailer it’s still possible to deduce most of the changes.(Not the biggest change though, that is a fun reserved for the demo 😉)

Thank you for reading, see ya! 👋👋