Venice 2017.07.23, written by Kuna.

This week was script writing as well. I think that this phase will last until the end of August, more or less, and I’ll go through all the scenes until I reach the end of the short demo. As a brief update on the status of how things are going, I can tell you that the word count is going out of control… only half of the short demo is over 20k words right now. @_@ I need to have it tested by my partner in a couple of weeks before deciding whether it is okay or too slow for the pace of the game. Personally, I don’t see anything bad in it, but I better check before I make whatever official announcement.

So why is the telling getting this long? Apparently, characters are chatting a lot : D Anyway, their chatting is only event-related at the moment. Now, let me briefly summarize the achievements I made this past week.

  • Coding has almost reached the end of half the demo.
    I plan to finish it tomorrow. Sounds, transitions, choice menus and maps has been coded as well, only BGM missing.
  • Fully defined a character from the Tokyo arc (starting from the second half of the demo).
    It’s still too early to talk about the Tokyo arc, I will probably get to work on that next winter, nonetheless it’s inevitable for me to think about it from time to time. It will feature the new location, Tokyo obviously, and a bunch of new characters. Among those there will be Kairi’s high school friends, 4 guys in total. So far I had the definitive outline of two of them, comprehensive of interactions, main scenes and such, while the other two were missing.
    The target here is to make characters memorable to the player and it’s not something you can force. Since there is still time until the Tokyo arc, I’ve been checking the various thoughts and ideas about it from time to time, while mainly focusing on my current work on the prologue. And finally this week I got inspired to write one of them. Now three people from the “crew of Kairi” are defined! Only one left. It’s really liberating eheh.
    I kind of realized that characters and stories we create are the mixture of our unique point of view about what we saw and experienced in our life, being it real life or movies and other medias. I may have stated something obvious, but this new character I defined is probably the one that best represent it. I can’t wait to publish the Tokyo arc character page and show you, but as I said, it’s very early for that, unfortunately…
  • Sketched some illustrations (but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to finish them).
    One is at the bottom of this post. It’s the graduation day from high school for Kairi, Fujisa and Teru. In the game there won’t be space to show it, so I felt the urge to sketch it eheh. I want to make more of these, and lately I’m thinking about recruiting a coloring artist. We’ll see : D. However, since I’ll be working on the script for several weeks from now, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to post art for quite a long time. I already miss drawing and painting, I wish I could find a balance between that and writing ^ ^”.
    (In the sketch, there’s also my first attempt for a Japanese logo of Serenade).

I haven’t taken notes about what to write here this time, so it feels like I’m forgetting something… Anyway, the three points pretty much summarize last week. During the next one (24-31) I’m going to finishing half the demo and maybe find some royalty free tracks for the OST. See ya and be careful when it’s too hot! 🙂