Recurring CG art.

Venice 2017.03.23, written by Kuna.

I’ve been editing the 3rd in game scene this week as well. It’s not completed yet and, honestly, I’m kind of taking my time to write it as I wished it to be. 

As I wrote in last week post, this is a scene where the player is introduced to many new information regarding the first situation they’re going to face and make choices about. Also, even if very short, I need to give a wide introduction of Teru and his personal story as well. I don’t mean it to be a sort of monologue in which he tells his past, neither I want Kairi to ask him an interview. All I aim to make happen is a natural dialogue between the two in order to let the player grasp the mood. Easier said than done, eheh.

While focusing on this task, I’m also working on a new CG scene. It will be used as a background too, but you’ll first see it as a recurring CG.

So here’s the background lineart, a central street in Tokyo:

And here’s the CG line:

So, yeah, um, a track turned on his side and an ambulance… This CG is the car accident in which Kairi lost his memory. I don’t want to say more here, it will be discussed a lot during the game. Anyway this CG will contain half of the key to Kairi’s past. During the game there will be shown a second version too, very similar to this. The differences between the two are another important clue to solve the story. Since it will be used throughout the game I’m putting a lot of care in it.