Scenarios and debug.

Venice 2018.09.30, written by Kuna.

Only three weeks until the demo release! It’s been a long journey told through two years of posting, and I’m still unbelieving but it’s real… I can actually write such a sentence! 😌

Naturally, the weeks before the release can’t be nothing but hectic. The to do list is gradually getting smaller, still there is quite a lot to tick off before the deadline. Beta testing, last minute debugging, fixing stuff, fighting perfectionism and losing the battle – hence redoing what was already set in stone…! 💧

Yep, a lot of obstacles…

I can’t wait for people to play the first chapter of this game. I’m excited as heck but also very nervous and I fear potential disruptive critiques (<– oh no, I’ve just revealed my weak point!). Jokes aside, I hope people would like to try the game and possibly play it until the end. I’m not expecting everyone to like it but it would be nice if it won’t get anyone pissed off!

When Gospel had proofread the script I remember to get surprised learning that he didn’t think it was complete shit lol. So, yeah, I still don’t know what to expect when people will read PBS story.

This is the feeling that is accompanying me during these last weeks.

Some scenario map.

Recently, I’ve been taking care of tutorials and announcements, setting aside most of the news about development. So, let’s talk about the last part of the demo, the most interactive one.

As a matter of fact, in this chapter of the story, as a player you have complete freedom in deciding the order of the events Kairi will experience, even to skip some. This brought the game to have a few different scenarios to play through.

Part of the consequences map for the last scene of PBS demo. Scenarios differ slightly but quite evidently. 

It will be interesting to see how players will decide to go through this. Consequences will follow, and bigger impacts will be seen later on in the story – aka in the full game.

The debug.

Needless to say, the debug had a huge role during these last weeks. Verifying that all the scenarios and choices’ consequences worked right was the first part of this process. Later I corrected all graphic assets that needed fixing, the text when it was misspelled and so on. A further beta testing will be performed too.

Correcting a three-hour game takes a lot of time of course. My aim is to distribute something closest to a flawless software. Priority is dedicated to avoiding crashes during playtime though.

That’s all. I’d like to remind you that Pitch Black Serenade demo containing the full first chapter of the story is out on October 20th for free, and you’ll be able to download it directly from this website (or if you prefer, on

Hectic time will continue for me, but I’ll be able to bring more news the next Sundays! 😉 Until then, please have a great time!

Thank you for reading, see ya next week! 🙌💜