Script updates.

Venice 2018.06.10, written by Kuna.

Assets for the first part completed.

I’m proud to announce that all visual assets, sound effects and soundtrack for the first part of the demo – 393 files in total – have finally being completed and coded! ๐ŸŽŠ Now it’s finally time to work on the latter part! ๐Ÿ’ช

Progresses on the remaining parts.

During the last week I finally started rewriting and fixing the script for the remaining parts of the demo which is the most interactive section. That’s a lot of fun for this reason, but an incredible amount of work too!

The remaining parts are basically half of the demo in word counting, and my plan is to finish the script for it before the end of June. Lately I had to deal with real life issues a lot, but, as I wrote last time, hopefully I’ll manage to accomplish it within this deadline. Here’s an overview of the sections and their progress status.

Part I (approx 800 words) –ย waiting to be proofread

Part II (approx 6500 words) – 2000 words left to be re-written

Part III (approx 8500 words) – to be re-written and to be completed

After writing the first part of the demo I feel like I’ve improved my writing skill to the point I feel more confident about my script. This allows me to approve it even when it’s not “perfect” because, at the very least, it’s clear of big narration mistakes. 

As I said, this last part (not in scenario order) is going to be heavily interactive. This means more choices to do, rooms to explore and even a minigame to solve.

Inspirations for PBS’s gameplay.

Speaking about choices, I’ve yet to introduce the way they’re presented in PBS. Now it’s too early again for that, however I’d like to talk more in details about what you can expect. 

  • Ask characters about many things. – There’s a game which I keep thinking of that kind of influenced me about the gameplay. It’s “The Longest Journey”. I can’t remember if I ever finished it but one thing’s sure, something about it still fascinates me. In particular, one feature I’d like to borrow is the possibility to have menus of choice where every option can be asked. The purpose of this is to gather information of some sort, in the case of PBS will be useful to learn more about the characters, relationships or the lore.
  • Interactive anime – A second feature I imagined for PBS since the beginning is to have the atmosphere of an anime (for girls) where you can do all the “uncomfortable” choices of the case. Like asking weird questions, saying something embarrassing and such. Some games already do this and I’d like to have such a feeling too. 

Thank you for reading, see ya next week!๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ’œ