Teru’s expressions map and scene II.

Venice 2017.02.11, written by Kuna.

Time for Teru to show his range of expressions! They are only ten at the moment but I’d like to introduce one more body pose in the future and add some more emotions as well.

As you probably may notice, Teru is rather cheerful and also a bit goofy-looking. Anyway, because of his mistrustful personality, he can also become very annoying as he rarely forgives a lie. The expressions “serious 3” and “glare” will serve this purpose. I plan to change a bit his description in the Kujikawa Character’s page with more updated info like this one, and also, I want to change his university major as, story-wise, the current one is not fitting very well. I will talk more about it in some future post where I’ll explain clearly Teru’s role.

Second accomplishment for this past week is the writing and coding for Scene II. As not all the assets are completed, the coding is still missing some parts, but most of the work has been done. This scene is about 1750 words and takes place in Eizono Private High School in Kujikawa City (I’d like to create a profile page for places too, similar to the one I use for characters). Eizono High School will only show up in this scene and in some flashbacks later in the story. The background art you see below was made by my “partner in crime” over three years ago for the first version ever of Serenade. And we’re still using it today! I have other backgrounds from those years, I think I will share them someday : D.

See ya next post! : D