“The Club” location – Mature content?

Venice 2018.02.11, written by Kuna.

Few progresses this past week due to Carnival celebrations in town (my day job is tourism related), but I’m quite happy with what I accomplished nevertheless! Let’s start with our usual tour then! πŸ’ƒπŸ’¨

The “Club” background art.

Last week I introduced the preview for a new CG art. It was still missing a background which I was forced to delay due to technical issues. Solved that, I started working on it.

3D model done with SketchUP.

The art in question should either have worked as the background for the CG and as a ordinary background art for other scenes with sprites. “Should” because that’s easily accomplished with 3D models but… I just found out that my 3D rendering program is not so able to render neons and lights… πŸ’§ So after several days of slow renders and frozen screens I may actually use this location only as a CG art. Anyway, that shouldn’t hurt the story so no worries! πŸ˜‡

I love how neon lights come out but I’ll probably be forced to render one light at once because apparently Kerkythea isn’t letting me doing otherwise… πŸ’¦

That being said, which location could this ever be in terms of story?

Back in 2016 I worked on a background art set in Kujikawa city center. The place, called Choumugai, is known as the “red-light distict” or the “night club avenue”, and has a bad reputation throughout Kujikawa for its promiscuous lifestyle.

Said bar counter art is from one of the Choumugai clubs. More will be unfolded in the game. (And hope you remember Cry, the host of Choumugai 😎).

(Funniest part was to shot real life reference 🍸 lol)

Mature content?

All this talking about “red-light districts” and “night-clubs” makes me wonder about the rating I should communicate about the game. πŸ˜‘ I’ve been presenting the trailers as they were for a general audience but I doubt I can publish the final game and the demo as such.

It’s a quite complicated issue for me because I still have to gather info about it before deciding. One thing’s sure, it’s not a game for young people. But I also think it’s not for adults only either. I just need to understand how explicit its contents are going to be. Despite not containing nude, sex and such, I guess some themes are not very suitable for all ages.

Just wanted to warn about this. Since the official trailer and the demo draw closer I need to think about the rating as well.

Thank you for reading, see ya! πŸ™ŒπŸ’œ