The demo is out!

North Rhine-Westphalia 2018.10.21, written by Kuna.

Try out the Demo!

95 weeks! 665 days! After all this time spent working on it, the demo is finally out! ðŸŽ†ðŸŽ‡ðŸŽ‰

If you’d like to give a chance to Kairi and the other characters of this extravagant, paranormal story, please consider downloading it and playing it! Of course, I’d be incredibly glad if it becomes of your interest!

You can find details about the story, the characters and the gameplay either on this very website, either on the new established page. 

However, to make it brief, this is a story about lies. Characters who lie and who are lied to. It’s just a short part of the whole game but, as a writer, I hope that these themes I wrote about can reach and touch the players.

PBS Patreon has launched!

Together with the release of the demo, I launched Patreon too!

Its aim is to fund, partly or completely, the future releases of Pitch Black Serenade and to let Patrons access to the process of development.

Click to access the Patreon page!

One speed paint video for the lowest tier has already been added! I hope you’ll consider giving it a try!

Pledges are divided into three tiers, here’s a summary of what you will find:

Artists who collaborated for PBS.

Now, a very important slice of the development of PBS: friends, artists and programmers who collaborated to make the release of the demo possible.

NovelistEzhno from MoeWritings: early -and not only- skilled proofreader and Kairi’s #1 fan!w If I could add many nuances to the characters’ dialogues is thanks to him! 

Gospel from GosatsuVN: I wouldn’t have even started coding the game without his help in proofreading the script. Literally! A great and irreplaceable support as well!

Anton Strickland from Goldbar Games: he programmed the fun, food mini game you can play during the story! Have you noticed the order of the items is randomized every time you play it? : D

Natsu from GosatsuVN and Prismanga: the game would still contain typos and bugs without her thorough and precious help! (And I enjoy so much playing Danganronpa with her! ♡)

Khanachi from MoeWritings: great help in betatesting, proofreading and finding bugs! PBS wouldn’t be as polished and bugs-free without her great help!

Livestraes: she tested and believed in the story when it wasn’t even a vn! A big help in deciding what to keep and what to erase during the early stages and one great support too!

I’m immensely grateful for all the time and the support these fellow artists and developer dedicated to PBS! 🌟 If you seek quality works, I hope you’ll consider checking their pages!

Gifts for players.

Would you like to get a little gift to take with you after playing Pitch Black Serenade? I’ve prepared a few Twitter Icons in the download page! I hope you’ll like them! 🌟

Click to check the icons!

More info about the release and what else is in program will be disclosed next week! In the meantime I hope you’ll have fun playing the demo!

Thank you for reading, see ya next week! ðŸ™ŒðŸ’œ