The game’s features.

Venice 2018.06.30, written by Kuna.

With the help of Livestraes I’ve finally managed to update the System page! Now it lists all the features that have been decided to appear in PBS final game. There could be changes in the future but I’m pretty confident that the gameplay core will stay the same.

I plan to have a couple of blog posts to cover all the bullet points in the System page and talk in detail about the choice system too. For this first entry, I’m going to focus only on the final part, the one titled “Pitch Black Serenade in short”.

  • Slice of life / Paranormal mystery VN. The story focuses on Kairi’s daily life and, especially once reached Tokyo, slice-of-life moments will be continuously experienced. In addition to that, the characters the player is going to meet and to hang with are related to Kairi’s personal story and to a series of paranormal events. The format is the one of a Japanese adventure game/visual novel of course! 😉
  • Travel between two cities and two different lives. It’s the first time I talk about this feature but it’s going to be an important one. Kairi can shape two personalities throughout the game and this comes in handy to best “survive” in both Kujikawa and Tokyo, since the two environments will require two different approaches. But there’s more to it. It will be possible to gather clues in one city and use them in the other one. I was first inspired about this by the Ace Attorney games, which feature dialogue options that are initially locked but become later available after gathering certain clues. Expect a similar mechanics (more focused on “actions” rather than “dialogues” though)!
  • Attitude choices to shape the main character’s personality. As said before, Kairi will have two approaches to choose from to interact with characters. I’ll cover this topic in detail in one of the next updates.
  • Choose your romance according to how you intend to solve the mystery. I’ve already talked about this here.
  • Three main routes and multiple endings. There is going to be one main route for each romanceable heroine and, of course, multiple endings. I can’t say yet how many they’re going to be but I don’t plan to have big numbers. Eight or ten probably.
  • Original story set in 2012 Japan. I’ve talked about the time in PBS here. And you can find information about the fictional location, Kujikawa, here. As for Tokyo, I plan to have a very accurate portrait of it and, overall, to create a realistic Japanese atmosphere, as my goal is to make the game truly enjoyable for anime and OELVN fans.
  • Anime-style inspired original art. This doesn’t need further explanations, does it? 😉
  • High replay value. Probably one of the most ambitious goals of PBS’s development. To achieve it, I’m trying to implement various story and game mechanics:
    • Each of the three routes contains a completely different story while the mystery remains unsolved / Kairi doesn’t get back all his memories in half of the endings. Such epilogues provide other insights on the story and on the characters but I believe that they also push the players to replay the game a second time and choose differently.
    • There are collectible cards spread across all the routes and it’s necessary to play the game using different approaches to get all of them.
    • The number of times a player can travel between Tokyo and Kujikawa is fixed but it’s unlikely that a player gets to do all of them during their first playthrough (most of them are optional after all). A player can choose to skip them because they want to focus on the story or they’re forced in doing so because they lack the money. Finding all the money hidden in the game may require more than one playtrhough.
    • Lastly, my favorite incentive for the replay value: there’s a mystery in the story, right? This means that when a player completely or partially solves it, they’re going to get new knowledge by the end of the game. For this reason, a second playthrough will feel quite different and may get interesting! 😋

The fundamental of the gameplay.

The features planned for PBS are quite a lot and it took me two years to decide them. But what were the criteria? Seeing so many mechanics, one could assume that I just threw in whatever it looked cool in a random order!

There’s just one important fundamental I used and it’s: every bit of the gameplay is a Kairi’s consequence of being in the game. Whatever didn’t mirror Kairi wasn’t included!

(Collectible cards are an exception for I love rhythm cellphone games!)

Progresses of the week.

Progresses of the week are about the script again. I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally completed the part for the demo and it only waits to be proofread! 😁

Thank you for reading, see ya next week!🙌💜