The investigation mode.

Venice 2018.06.17, written by Kuna.

As I mentioned last time, I’ve finally started working on the “investigation part”.
In the demo it covers three chapters and it’s the section that contains most of the choice menus. Let’s see in details how the three investigative scenes are going to work.

  • Scene II (Passive) – It’s a short scene. Here the player is going to watch a short TV program and meet a new character. There are no choices to be done, for the player’s role is to gather the first information about the mystery they’re going to deal with in the game.
  • Scene VI (Active) – This scene is split in two parts: “Dinner” and “Room”. It’s labeled “Active” because the player will finally interact with the clues. During “Dinner” they are going to get familiar with their situation. “Room” will have the player exploring their surroundings and gathering clues to eventually formulate deductions.
  • Scene X (Active) – The last investigation chapter included in the demo. Details will be disclosed in the next paragraph.

Scene X.

So far I’ve completed Scene II and VI and I’m now working on Scene X. This conclusive part of the demo will be the most interactive one and the player will be called to shape their adventure by choosing the order of the events.

During the previous scenes, Kairi is given a few items to use in this part. Two of them were visible in the Cafeteria trailer and in Isahai trailer, and are Teru’s notebook and Isahai’s daughter’s photo sticker. Each of them is the key to play a different scene.

Scene X starts with Kairi waking up. Here the player will be given the freedom to explore his room. To continue with the story they need to choose one of the three items, each linking to a specific task they’re going to carry on.

Interactivity here is rather extended and my main focus in this case will be to provide a good coding. In other words, no matter which scene the player is going to pick up first, the story will unfold correctly anyway. Having a menu like this will translate into a few of alternative scenarios to write but I think it will also enhance the experience for the player.

Are different choices going to have different outcomes on the story? At this point they’re not heavily affecting the story yet, however Fujisa’s route may start to change.

System specs: a preview.

I plan on updating the System page as soon as possible, providing more information about the gameplay of PBS. As you already know, PBS is going to be a visual novel and this means having narrative parts and choices throughout the game. But, as you could see from the information I just released, there are going to be other ways to interact with the game too, and I plan on covering those as well.

In regards to shape-your-scenario parts, the player will encounter other instances where they will be asked to choose from the items gathered and decide an order for the events. But in future cases, the items available at that moment will directly depend on whether the player had gathered them or not. Missing one item will preclude the player from playing a scene.

Thank you for reading, see ya next week!🙌💜