The “otaku girl”‘s room.

Tokyo 2017.05.30, written by Kuna.

I think this update will be delivered a day earlier than planned : D Well, it’s only because tomorrow I’m too busy even to find some minutes to write… |||orz

Since the last update I was able to work only for two or three days, therefore this will be a very short post. However, even if it didn’t produce many tangible outcomes, this week was precious in a lot of senses. First of all, taking distance from my work and reflect upon my time management helped me find the weak points of my schedule. I think that from now on I will have a different organization in terms of daily planning. I’ll talk more about this when I have enough experience. Anyway, I realized I spent way too many hours taking care of details to a maniacal extent… Time for a revision ^_^.

To conclude this update, here’s the “otaku girl’s room” background finally completed.