The partitions of the demo.

Venice 2018.03.25, written by Kuna.

It’s not possible to estimate a date for the release of a demo for PBS yet, but one thing’s sure: that day draws near! In this week’s blog post I’d like to focus entirely on it and talk more in details about its structure and some of its features. I hope it’ll be an enjoyable reading despite it being a bit technical! šŸ˜‰

PBS demo’s four “partitions”.

The time to share a preview of the scene structure of the demo has finally come! I’ll try to explain it the more I can without being spoilery. šŸ˜‡

The structure I decided for the very first part of PBS is functional for the player to get accustomed to the story, to Kairi and to what they’re going to experience as a game mechanic. A sort of “prelude” for the game itself that will be similar to a certain degree.

However, while the rest of the game follows a more linear sequence of events that’s somewhat clear in order for the player, the prologue featured in the demo will be split into short scenes combined in a fixed order. If I’d have to compare it to some movie or TV show, I’d tell you to think of one where you have three or more parallel stories that meet and merge together at a certain point, and you’ll be aware of it only at the end.

My general idea for the whole game (early preview). The demo I’m currently working on doesn’t include the Tokyo Arc but I’ll hopefully release a second, more complete one later.

In the demo we have four main settings where the player is called to operate in. Here are the bullet points to summarize them (I’ve given them iconic names):

ā— Choumugai (3 scenes)

ā— Investigation part (3 scenes)

ā— Kairi’s amnesia (2 scenes)

ā— Kairi’s personality (2 scenes)

And if I’d have the demo structure explained through these themes, it would be like this:

(Before the time skip):







(After the time skip):





Basically you have four “stories” split up into ten scenes and you go through each of them accordingly to the sequence I reported above. Note that, for example, not all the three scenes of the “Choumugai sub-arc” are set in the Choumugai location, and same goes for the other partitions. It’s a “behind the scenes partition” but, at the same time, my main aim is to have the player be aware of “continuing something that they left opened” every time they get to the same theme a second or a third time.

This is basically the technical introduction to the upcoming demo and I’ll surely cover the matter again in the future. Before moving to the next topic though, I’m going to briefly recap what these partitions are about so that you can have a clearer picture of them. (A crucial detail about these partitions is that they evolve accordingly to the time flow).

ā— Choumugai sub-arc:

It’s a short story aimed to introduce Kairi to the players and it also introduces Fujisa’s route. As you can see from the list above, you get to play the end of this sub-arc only after the time skip.

ā— Investigation sub-arc:

Every now and then, the game will ask you to gather clues, actively or passively, to solve the paranormal mystery of the story. You’ll learn about this mystery only when you reach the Tokyo arc though. So, yeah, during the demo you’ll have a partial understanding of what it’s about.

ā— Personality sub-arc:

Its main aim is to describe Kairi’s personality to the player. In this case it also introduces the other characters of the Fujisa’s route. The cafeteria trailer was set in this sub-arc.

ā— Amnesia sub-arc:

It’s about Kairi’s amnesia and Kairi’s past. The Isahai trailer belongs to this sub-arc.

The “Mad man”‘s new concept art and profile.

While revising the script I ended up rewriting a whole character from scratch. šŸ˜“ I’m referring to the “Man” character you can still see in the Characters Profile Page

So why am I now wasting time in rewriting things and, in this case, drawing a character again? šŸ˜Œ Well, I actually have been having difficulties for the scene concerning this character since the very first draft. It was originally planned to have some sort of realism in it but, after several tries I couldn’t combine that with the scene’s pace quite well.

In addition to that, I’m using this “Man” character to let Kairi introduce the choice system, so… even if I have to do some huge changes in it I guess that in this case they are somewhat worth the while! šŸ˜‡

The new design is the following one, accompanied by a short description with some info about his background story. His name is now changed to “Madman” (waiting approval though).

Early sketch for the “Madman” character. The design has totally changed to adapt to the new script. (Gruesome) comedy is guaranteed!

Thank you for reading, see ya!šŸ™ŒšŸ’œ