What I promised/planned that has not (yet) happened

2019.09.22 North Rhine-Westphalia, written by Kuna.

Good afternoon~ It’s chill but still sunny and it’s time to resume this blog (o・ω´・*)b It’s been almost a year since Pitch Black Serenade demo has been released and the latest article on this blog has been posted. Now that I could finally break my routine as a full time employee, I plan to focus on game development again and update this website with progresses.

Where were we…?

While I was moving the entire blog to this new home page I’ve noticed that I’ve made a few announcements that never saw the light Σ( ´ ω ` *)!! Today’s post is going to cover them while fixing misleading information.

The “February trailer” and the “official trailer”

January 2018. Right after releasing the Cafeteria trailer, I announced I would prepare a new trailer focused on the choice system to be ready the following month. That never happened ( ;´ ω ` ‘;; *) In the end the choice system was refined during the last months of development and it would have been impossible to include it earlier in a public video… (I probably have already corrected this info in some older post, anyway sorry for the misleading announcement).

Somewhere else I wrote about the release of an official trailer.

Not proofread. Not revised. Just written out of impulse. *hides*

I would like to produce a real trailer but I think I will pass for now. Development has the priority. Once again, sorry for the misleading announcement.

Art book and merchandise

After two nos, let’s check some approved production plans d( ‘- ‘ *) I had originally planned a few merch ideas for the demo release.

First of all, the art book. The art book is still in production and it will be released later this year with just… a year of delay ( ; ω ;*) On the contrary, it won’t be possible to produce the small free booklet to attach to the demo because it will take too much time away from actual work.

The keychain set. It’s going to take a while but I would like to produce and release a Kujikawa set. Probably next year.

In the end…

In the end, time is not always merciful with one’s plans but, hey, I could release the demo without delays ヾ( o・ω・*)ノ so last year it’s certainly been a quite satisfying one!

I’ll do what I can to keep up with my plans this time and I would like to share more about my schedule with you next time, too! As I released the demo I’ve also started a Patreon. Most posts are free and it’s on Patreon that I will publish my daily/weekly/monthly updates.

Thank you for reading!